Make an Elegant Statement With Damask Pattern Bedding

Published: 29th December 2010
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Damask is an elegant and luxurious textile. It may be constructed from silk, cotton, linen, or various synthetic fibers. The scenes depicted on this textile usually consist of floral prints or intricate geometric patterns. However, botanical prints or scenes of everyday domestic life are not uncommon. The Jacquard weaving technique that is most commonly used in the construction of this textile allows the fabric to reflect light in different degrees, according to the position of the viewer.

This is one of the numerous reasons that damask is a popular choice for bedding in a bedroom's décor. It is also rather simple to coordinate other fabrics, colors, and décor elements. The first step in successfully choosing the proper damask bedding is to ensure that the bedding matches the room's overall décor. If the scheme of a room is stately, luxurious, or formal, an opulent print or color will suffice. However, if the scheme of the room tends to be more relaxed and laid back, then a damask print or color with a more modern twist will be more acceptable. After selecting the damask bedspread, the next step to choosing bedding will be to select sheets that compliment the bedspread. Since damask has a satiny appearance, choosing sheets with a slight sheen will coordinate quite nicely.

Adding decorative pillows or a decorative throw to the bed can enhance the overall appearance of a damask bedspread. An individual should not be afraid to experiment with color to accent the damask spread. If the décor of a room is more formal, then purchasing antique accents, such as glass vases or mirrors, will enhance the appeal of the room. If the décor of the room is more informal, then vases of fresh cut, brightly colored flowers will offer a decorative element to the overall look of the room.

If the damask bedding that one has selected for their bedroom has a botanical or floral print, then the room should be decorated in nature inspired accessories, such as live green plants. Accent colors and accessories should be used rather sparingly. Because damask bedding is bold and dramatic, it tends to become the focal point of a room.

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